Tired of being stuck in a rut. Is your game going nowhere. Boyfriend/girlfriend/buddy shows you up when your out. Hot Shots has a LESSON package for just about everybody. Seniors, students, individual, group (Heck bring your whole company in)beginners, intermediate or advanced welcome. We have qualified instructors available to accomodate your specific needs. TAKE the intimidation factor out of pool. Let us start teaching you today how to play pool.


 Intro To Pool ---Class Curriculum

Included is hands on teaching and coaching of the fundamentals of pocket pool billiards. Included in each class session a student will be given a pool table and set of balls to practice with for half an hour before class and 1 hour after class. It is up to the student to be sure and show up on time. Every student is encouraged to ask as many questions as possible after the instructors presentation. This instruction is a tool to assist an individual in learning sound methods for practicing on their own. Ultimately, a persons ability will improve only through a focused and consistent effort to practice these methods until they reach their desired skill level. The following outline is a guideline only of areas to be discussed and taught during the initial set of classes. Advanced instruction will proceed at a pace and level commensuarte to the students proficieny and current abilities.

Class 1: Fundamentals_ Proper STANCE, STROKE, GRIP, BRIDGES, and follow through.

Class 2: Aiming_ Consistency, Cue ball, Center ball. Draw and follow.

Class 3: Drills_ Mental mind set, staying focused, determination, control.

Class 4: Breaking_Proper stance, stroke, grip.Power vs. Soft.

Class 5: Drills_ Pocket strategy, corner pocket,side pocket, bank and rail shots

Class 6: Rules_ Strategies-shot making-positions--

Class 7: Rules_ Rules of 8 & 9 ball

Class 8: Drills_ Drills and Review. Draw_ Right and Wrong.

Class 10: Safeties_ Defensive positioning

Class 11: Drills_ Additional Advanced Practice Drills

  • Call & book your individual or your group lesson today. Other specific game rules instruction,coaching is available IE: One Pocket, Billiards,etc. .

    • Special PROMOTION-- .
    • Receive absolutely FREE instruction on how to pick the right cue for you, what the right tools needed are to mainatin & the proper care to keep it looking & you playing at your best for years.

    For more information call - (503)644-8869 or e-mail play@hotshotspool.com

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